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How can I make my premium payment? 

A:  You can call our office, 406-322-5361 or 800-435-9439 and we can assist you 

B:  You can visit your company’s website (Progressive, Safeco, etc.) 

C:  You can mail your payment to us at PO Box 69 Columbus, MT  59019 & we will be happy to apply your payment on your behalf! 


How does Medicare work?   

Original Medicare covers medical services & supplies in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health care settings.   

With Medicare, what do I need to do and when do I need to do it? 

If you are close to 65 and not getting social security or railroad retirement board benefits you will need to sign up for Medicare.  You should contact social security three month prior to turning 65.   

How can I save money on my insurance? 

  1.  Increase deductibles 

  2. Pay by EFT/Automatic withdrawal 

  3. Bundle auto & home insurance 

What is the difference between having a liability insurance policy & a being bonded? 

A bond is a guarantee of proper performance of an obligation.  A commercial general liability is designed to cover an insured’s exposure for the physical actions of the operations.   

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